Gordian Knot Technologies Inc.

Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

To develop innovative, highly accessible computer based solutions that meet the information needs of consumers in specific or niche markets.

To provide computer related software and management services which are value-added and cost-effective.

To operate at a local, national and international level.

Vision Statement

GKTI will be an industry leader in the provision of software products and services that meet the needs of consumers in their respective markets. The technology will incorporate graphical user interfaces, interactive database design, large scale data storage and retrieval via CD-ROM, and will support multiple languages.

GKTI will employ cooperative team approaches such as joint ventures, partnerships and strategic alliances, by which similarly interested and motivated partners can contribute time, energy, expertise and capital in the development of computer applications and the provision of computer related services.

GKTI will recognize, and then aggressively pursue, adopt and utilize the most current standards of information technology.

We invite your questions, comments and suggestions.

Please contact John Lamont, President at gkti@gkti.com.

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